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The history of concrete

The earliest recordings of concrete mixtures used to build structures date back to 6500BC. In the Middle East (Syria and Jordan) secret underground cisterns were molded with mixed aggregates. Ancient builders understood that chemical reactions occurred when they mixed hydration with aggregates and tamping.

 The Pantheon in Rome has the largest unreinforced concrete dome that has ever been built. Astonishingly, It has survived 2000 years of movement, shifting, stress and earthquakes. The structure is supported by 16 concrete pillars which were cleverly built with heavy aggregates at the bases and lighter ones up high.

The first concrete street in the U.S was built in 1891 and still exists to this day. Court Street in Bellefontaine, Ohio was tested at the strength of 8,000 PSI, which is double the strength of the standard concrete we use today.